Bhodi Li and the Photon Warriors

My experience with the Photon television show was a complicated one.  Originally, the show was supposed to be a cartoon, but DIC Entertainment, the company behind it, shifted instead to a live action show that was a great precursor to the much more well-known Power Rangers.  The show followed Christopher Jarvis, also known by the alias Bhodi Li, who discovered that the game Photon was a way to find the strongest warriors in the galaxy, and then fight against the forces of darkness.

Chris only needed to shoot his laser before being transported to the space station with his other Photon Warriors, where they would have to find the crystal on the planet, and shoot it with the lasers, turning the planet into a thriving ecosystem.  If the villains shot the crystal first, the planet would become a wasteland.  The show, for kids, ran in syndication for many years, and while it was not what I had originally imagined the show, it is remembered fondly by many.