John Muir: “Memory Bank: Photon”

John Kenneth Muir wrote about Photon’s short-lived existence in Memory Bank: Photon, highlighting what was The Ultimate Game on Planet Earth. Seeing John’s experience at Photon documented is interesting, and brings me back to when I was creating what some thought was only possible through special effects. Like John remembers, Photon really was quite the fun experience. Yes, the gear was heavy, but the experience of running around the arena for several minutes, either on the red or green team, let kids dart around fun obstacles. There arenas had catwalks, mazes, lots of smoke and fog, strobe lights, and was staged across multiple levels, making it almost impossible to guess where your opponent was laying in wait to hit you. John remembers that the game play was terrific, perhaps the greatest words of achievement, particularly in the 1980’s when this technology was all brand new.