LA Times: Coverage of the worst show about the best game on Planet Earth

The LA Times covered the launch of the show and home merchandise based on my game in 1986 about how DIC licensed Photon to produce a television show, cartoon, and a full at-home version of laser tag.

The story line was fun enough, but the execution lacked; they created a full story-line for the world of Photon and how it was being attacked by The Warlord of Arr, how Bhodi Li and the Photon Warriors were tasked to defend the world so its power couldn’t be used for evil. We weren’t too happy with DIC back then. My staff always referred to them as “Do it Cheap.” They didn’t do the animated show like they said they were going to do, they ended up doing a live action to save money (as the LAT notes, was a more profitable move for them). 

It was gentleman by the name of Haim Saban was actually the producer, and I think he might have been one of the directors. He’s the guy that came up with Power Rangers several years later that was very successful. He kind of practiced on us.

The at-home toy kits had helmets, infrared laser pistols, the whole works. It wasn’t quite the same caliber of IR we used on-site, but it worked well enough. It even ended up being the top selling toy that Christmas season. Kids loved it. With Star Wars and Star Trek being as popular as they were at the time, it all just seemed to fall into place.